Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Give Books' Read for My School: The Pearson Foundation Shares 150,000 Books Nationwide

Here's some great news: On Tuesday, we launched the 2012 Read for My School campaign at We Give Books. The aim was to raise awareness about the importance of schools and school libraries while also giving readers the chance to give books to their local public elementary schools. If you go to the Read for My School campaign page, you'll see that we're off to a blistering start! We Give Books readers across the country have read more 89,000 books in just two days!

This first nationwide Read for My School campaign extends last year's introduction of this program in the state of Florida. We aim to give 150,0000 books through Read for My School, though it looks like this may happen in less than a single week.

What the excitement around this campaign shows, again, is how energized people are about supporting their local communities. It also shows how well school communities organize to get things done. More than 20 schools across the country have already reached the maximum allotment of 500 books donated to their libraries. In all, we've seen readers from all 50 states visit We Give Books, and traffic to the site seems to be picking up rather than slowing down.

There's still time to read for your school! Log on to We Give Books today to get started, and be sure to visit the Read for My School campaign page to learn more. And please spread the word. We'd like as many local schools and school libraries to benefit as possible.

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