Friday, February 11, 2011

Pam Allyn Selected as Greatest Person of the Day

Our friend and We Give Books supporter, Pam Allyn, was chosen earlier as the Greatest Person of the Day by the Huffington Post!  As the founder and executive director of LitWorld, the piece highlights how Pam has dedicated her life to helping as many children in the world as possible learn to read and write.

LitWorld is constantly expanding its reach with a variety of programs, including the recently formed LitWorld Girls Clubs, which use words and stories to empower girls across the world. "The primary purpose for the clubs is for the girls to use reading and writing as a tool for change," Pam said. "Literacy is a tool for change and its a powerful force to bring people together. LitWorld relies on its ambassadors to continue to spread the word, but Pam believes firmly that everyone has the capacity to get involved in literacy efforts. "LitWorld is this idea of advocating, campaigning and educating and you don't have to be in the classroom," she said. "Everyone belongs to that message. You could be 90-years-old or you could be nine. If you read to a child, even once, you have now done something."

Congratulations, Pam!

Check out the full article on Pam's honor here.

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